If you’re planning a holiday or work trip out of town, you’ll need to make accommodations for your house animals. Bar-King Dog Kennel, Keaau, HI’s premier family pet boarding and quarantine center, says when you could employ the service of a neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your pet or feline while you’re away, consider taking these to a family pet boarding facility instead to ensure they’re getting quality attention and care.

Take a look at these top five benefits dog or cat boarding facilities offer:

Professional Attention: Why leave your domestic pets in the care of anyone but a specialist animal caretaker? After you take your pet, cat, parrot, or other much loved dog or cat to a boarding facility, you could have satisfaction understanding that they’ll be well looked after by highly trained pet caretakers.

Safe: Dog or cat boarding facilities are built with animal safeness at heart, so there’s no better destination to leave your dogs and cats than here. Most family pet boarding facilities offer specific kennels with outdoor and interior play spaces constructed with the best security measures.

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Family pet BoardingMedical Attention: If your dog takes medications, the caretakers at a family pet boarding facility can make sure they receive as per your exact guidelines. And, if your dog has any special needs, such as being hearing impaired, they’ll give them the excess service and attention they have to ensure their overall well-being while you’re gone.

Playtime: Rather than keeping your dogs cooped up inside your home while you’re away, take them to a dog or cat boarding facility where they’ll have room to perform daily. If you have a puppy, many dog or cat boarding facilities even offer playtime with other canines, so long as these are friendly.

Diet: A dog or cat boarding facility can make sure your dog or feline is given when needed, and can even supply them with the food you bring. If indeed they have special dietary requirements, pet boarding caretakers will be able to meet their needs.