Moving house is one of the biggest events in your life and one that can cause a lot of stress and disruption. The house you are currently living in will feel strange as you adapt it to suit the tastes of buyers and then when you move, your new home is still unfamiliar territory. One of the most difficult parts of moving house is getting all your possessions from one house to the next. Throughout the process of moving house, you may even find it necessary to put some of your possessions in storage.

Where can you find storage facilities or storage units near me?” is a question we hear a lot when people start the moving process. Fortunately, you can trust to help you find trustworthy, reliable, and affordable self-storage facilities for your next move. Whether you’re looking for temporary or long-term storage, renting a self-storage unit offers a cost-effective solution to your space-saving needs.

Storing possessions prior to the sale

Although you may love every piece of furniture you have and each possession holds a dear place in your heart, they may just be taking up room in your house and a buyer may perceive them as being clutter. If you clear away some of the unused items from each room, you will create more of a sense of space and give the appearance that the rooms are larger. This is likely to appeal to more potential buyers.

Similarly, if you have bikes, equipment and toys outside your home, it might improve your chances of a sale if you tidy these away. Leaving them outside can make the exterior of your home look untidy. Clearing these away can give a better first impression to buyers when they see the house for the first time.

You need to think sensibly about what you need and what you will actually use. Anything that you will not need on a regular basis, you should consider packing up and storing away until after the sale. Smaller items can be kept in cardboard boxes and then stored in spaces such as the loft or a shed. Larger items, such as furniture, outdoor equipment and bikes, may need to find a temporary home. One option is to put furniture and other big objects into a self storage unit. This is a relatively cheap way of keeping all your possessions together in a safe, secure and dry place.

Moving day is probably the most stressful stage of the house moving process. Packing up your possessions, loading them into removal vans and then unloading them at your new property is very time-consuming and hard work. The levels of stress are increased if you attempt to do it all in just one day.

Instead, it can be helpful to start packing away the things that you don’t use on a day-to-day basis a few weeks in advance and then continue to gradually pack right up to the day before your move. Instead of having boxes of your packed-up possessions lying around all over the house and getting in your way, it can be helpful to keep them in a safe and secure storage unit until after the move. This will ease the pressure on moving day and help you to stay organised.

Storage while in temporary accommodation

If your house sells before you have moved to your new home it might be necessary for you to live in rented accommodation on a temporary basis, or to stay with friends or family. Wherever you stay, it is likely that the place will be fully furnished and there will not be room for all your furniture, clothes and other bits and pieces. You might need to just take a few essential things to tide you over until contracts are exchanged.

In this situation, you will need somewhere to keep all your possessions until your new home is ready. Unless you have friends and family with a lot of free space for you to store your things, the best option is to opt for short-term self storage. By doing this, you can choose how long you want to keep your possessions in storage and be reassured that they are safe until you are ready to take them to your new home.

Storage when preparing your new home

Once you have exchanged contracts and you are ready to move to your new home, you may still need to keep some items in storage. One possible situation when this may be the case is if you need to do restorative work in your new home. If you are undertaking big jobs at the house, then you will need lots of space, so it is better if any furniture that you don’t need straight away is kept in storage. Another benefit of doing this is that it will prevent your furniture from getting damaged.

Similarly, if you are planning to decorate your new house or add a few personal touches, then keeping anything you do not need immediately stored away is a good idea as you will avoid paint damage. It will also make the decorating process easier as you won’t be trying to manoeuvre around your furniture or need to be careful not to knock an ornament with sentimental value off the shelf.

The advantages of using storage units

Overall, making use of a self storage unit is an excellent idea at any stage of the moving process. By keeping larger items stored away, you can get organised in preparation for the move, free up space in your home making it appear more spacious and less cluttered, increase your chances of a sale, reduce the stress of moving day and settle into your new home easily after renovating or decorating the property.