Deciding on a necklace that is right for your height, face condition and body can seem such as a daunting task, especially if you are a necklace amateur. Luckily here at Catherine Best we’ve created a thorough guide to necklace lengths and how they could be used to check any look.

When selecting the perfect necklace, there are many details you should think about like your face shape, height, as well as your body type. You should also check the color, condition, length, and design of the necklace that could complement your look. Here are some tips how to style and select the right necklace for you:

Face Condition:

The proper necklace would surely compliment your face shape. Focusing on how to style and choose the right necklace would surely give you an advantage and increase your self-confidence.

Round or Oval Face – An elongated necklace would go with your face and present it that V-shape and help bring the attention down. It could framework and flatter your face.

Heart and soul Shaped Face – A shorter necklace that has length between 16-18 inches would help soften the angles of that person.

Square or Oblong Face – A choker necklace would help soften the sharp edges of your face and would also definitely highlight and make your throat look longer.


Typically, a short or a tall person has a hard time choosing a necklace that would be befitting them. Listed below are tips that could assist you in locating the best length of a necklace for your level.

Short Height – In case your elevation is 5’4 and below, you should find a necklace that could help elongate your height but shouldn’t suspend too low. In the event that you would like to wear a brief necklace, choose the necklace that has a period between 16-18 inches but if you’ll want an extended necklace then get one of these necklace with a size between 20-24 inches for this would help you elongate your height.

Regular Level – A person who stands between 5’4” and 5’7” wouldn’t normally have any issue with choosing the right amount of necklace because any length would definitely complement and fit your height. But you should retain in brain of that person shape and physique before choosing one. Take a look at this ayat kursi necklace for more information.

Tall Elevation – Any necklace length would usually fit somebody who has a tall frame. For brief necklaces, ensure that it would go with your face shape.

Body Type:

This is another factor that you should consider, the body shape. This is an idea about how to know what necklace works with your body condition.

Pear Shaped Body -Look for a necklace that broadens your make. A necklace length with a amount of 18-24 ins works for the necklace would just sit above your bust area and would assist in drawing focus on your chest muscles.

Athletic Shaped Body – For this type of physique, a longer necklace would help in elongating the body. But usually, any kind of necklace would fit this kind of body.

Hourglass Shaped Body – When you have an hourglass-shaped body, a necklace that could sit just above your cleavage would help in accentuating your curves.

Inverted Triangle PHYSIQUE – When you have a wide shoulder, get one of these long necklace. This might help bring the give attention to your waist and help you showcase small part of the body.

A factor that may be over-looked when purchasing necklace measures is body type and neck size. For females, your dress size or size of your bust can regulate how a necklace will sit against your body. Women with much larger busts should typically op for shorter necklaces and steer clear of those that are longer that 24” as they won’t sit comfortably. When you have an inferior bust, then longer, layered necklaces can look great on you. A similar occurs for your throat size, if you have a thicker throat then avoid chokers as this will make your neckline look shorter. If you have a long, slender neck, a choker can help bring proportion to your neckline and face.

Pear shaped – As the body is smaller at the top then it reaches underneath, look for necklaces that help broaden your shoulders. Necklaces that are 18”-24” work very well as they are seated just above your bust and bring attention female upper body.

Athletic – Those which have an athletic form can typically wear any type of necklace, although longer necklaces can help elongate the body more.

Hourglass – For an hourglass condition, get one of these necklace period that just sits on your décolletage to help accentuate your curves.

Inverted Triangle – With broader shoulders, longer length necklaces can help bring the eye right down to your waist, highlighting the tiniest part of the body.